Zoey is currently working as a freelancer in filmmaking in Berlin, Germany. She's also working on a mini documentary series on inspiring humans and conceptual music videos. 

She has had experience working in event videography and editing, photography, events management and as a part time PR manager for a record label and social media editor. She most recently worked as a video editor at Watch Hyper (Apple's Top 10 Best Apps 2015 and 2016), a curated video magazine for iPad, iPhone and Apple TV.

Prior to film school in London and Berlin, Zoey has worked as a production assistant in a photography studio in Shanghai and as a director/producer for an online youth media channel in Beijing, China. 

Zoey Lee_Cover Letter_2017 (pdf)
Zoey Lee_Curriculum Vitae_2017 (pdf)
Zoey Lee_Filmography_2016 (pdf)


Watch Hyper Reference (pdf)
Kinetic ONE Reference (pdf)
Central Studios Reference (pdf)