Sun Village, feature documentary, 2015 (Beijing, China)

'Sun Village' is essentially a home founded by ex-policewoman Zhang Shuqin. She saw the immense need for taking care of these children whose parents have just been convicted and travelled all over China to bring them together so she could make sure they were cared for until their parents' sentences are over. These children all live together and eat together and are taught to be responsible and to be thankful for all the good in their lives despite the situation their parents' choices have put them in. 

We have a 12 min short (accolades listed below) and a 48 min feature length and also a 43:30 broadcast version.

Here're also a couple of links to articles we've been featured in:
Kaltblut Magazine
South China Morning Post

Berlin Independent Film Festival 2015, Best Documentary Short
Paris Short Film Festival 2015, Best Documentary Short
Slovenia Student Cuts Film Festival 2015, Best Documentary Short
Asia Pacific International Filmmaker Festival Golden Award 2016

Official Selection:
Manchester Film Festival 2015 Official Selection (UK)
The World's Independent Film Festival Official Selection (San Francisco, USA)
REC Film Festival 2016 Official Selection (Germany)

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Below is the 12 minute (short version) of the feature, if you wish to see more!